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Founded in 2002 by members of the Imperial College Hockey Club, the University of London Dragons Ice Hockey Club (formerly known as the Purples) is one of the most successful hockey clubs in the UK, consistently producing some of the most competitive and championship-winning teams in the BUIHA. The A, B, C, and women's teams have seen many memorable, dedicated, elite level and absolute beginner players over the years, and continues to welcome new faces every season.


  • London Dragons

    Nationals: 16-17 Tier 1   Cup Comp: 16-17 CHK 1 South

    Every year, the Dragons A’s competes as fiercely as any university team in the country, and always boast many superb hockey talents on their roster. They welcome players from around the world onto the team every season, and have won multiple championship titles in the BUIHA.


    Nationals Titles:
    2002-03 Tier 1
    2004-05 Tier 1
    2007-08 Tier 1
    2011-12 Tier 1
    Division Titles:
    2007-08 Division 1
    2010-11 Division 1
    2012-13 Checking 1
    2014-15 Checking 1
    Conference Titles:
    2007-08 Division 1 South
    2009-10 Division 1 South
    2010-11 Division 1 South
    2012-13 Checking 1 South
    2014-15 Checking 1 South

  • Ranging from absolute beginners (who don’t stay that way for long!) through to veterans of 4 or 5 seasons, the Dragons B’s are a hard-skating, winning team in their division, who fearlessly compete throughout the south-east, and welcome new players into the team every season.


  • London Dragons C

    Nationals: 16-17 Tier 5   Cup Comp: N/A

    The newly formed C team has already become a force to be reconed with! Absolute beginners are welcome with the Dragons, as long as they have the desire to learn and the determination to stick with our fast paced and physical sport! Loan of kit is possible for beginners, and our coaches will help develop your game from the very basics, up to a competitive level, with the opportunity to progress to the B team after one or two seasons.

  • London Dragons Womens

    Nationals: N/A   Cup Comp: 16-17 Womens Nationals

    All our teams- A, B and beginner, are open to all ages and genders, and we currently have women playing at every level. The Dragons are keen to develop the womens game, and are in the process of creating a womens team that will hopefully be ready to compete in the BUIHA within the next couple of seasons.

Club Details

London Dragons

University of London Union Dragons

Twitter: @LondonDragons
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Michael Armitage
Fixtures Secretary:
Andrew Bruce
Artur Justovich
Training & Game Dates:
Sunday - 19:00-20:30 in Sobell Leisure Centre
Friday - 19:30-21:00 in Streatham Ice Rink
Wednesday - 23:15-00:45 in Lee Valley Ice Rink
Club Address:
University Of London Dragons Ice Hockey Club
Student Central
Malet Street

Rink Address:
Lee Valley Leisure Centre
Lea Bridge Road
E10 7QL