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  • UCL Yetis

    Nationals: 19-20 Tier 1   Cup Comp: 21-22 Merit Cup

    Being the crème de la crème of hockey in UCL, the mighty Yetis who are raring to go will look to make their mark in Checking D2 this season.

  • UCL Yetis B

    Nationals: 19-20 Tier 2   Cup Comp: 21-22 Merit Bowl

    With a Division Championship under their belt, the fierce Betis look for new found success in the coming season. With the help of an 80s montage consisting of downing pints at the SU and running around a bit, the Betis look to dominate in their new division, especially against their bitter rivals - Imperial.  These warriors, inspired by the hockey style of the Chiefs in Slapshot, look to show the teams of NC Div 1 South exactly why the call of the mighty Beti is so poweful. 

    2019 Nationals - Tier 4 Champions

    Nationals Titles:
    Division Titles:
    Conference Titles:
    2015-16 Non-Checking 2 South
  • UCL Yetis C

    Nationals: 19-20 Tier 4   Cup Comp: 21-22 Merit Vase

    No matter your skating or hockey skills, the Cetis take every player in, creating one melting pot of a team! Having got to the semi-finals in Tier 5 Nationals (17-18) last year, the Cs plan on making their mark on this year's league. We're a friendly team, that focuses on building techniues for pregression towards the Betis, and no matter the score the Cetis will always pick themselves up, showing what true sportmanship is.  

  Wed 8th Dec UCL Yetis H: UCL Yetis
A: London Dragons
Location: Streatham Ice Rink
Face Off: 13:45
London Dragons
  Sat 5th Feb UCL Yetis C H: UCL Yetis C
A: Imperial Devils C
Location: Streatham Ice Rink
Face Off: 21:00
Imperial Devils C
  Sun 6th Feb UCL Yetis H: UCL Yetis
A: Imperial Devils
Location: Streatham Ice Rink
Face Off: 21:01
Imperial Devils

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Club Details

UCL Yetis

University College London Yetis

Website: ucl-ice.org
Twitter: @UCLice
Alex Millman
Fixtures Secretary:

Ben Li
Training & Game Dates:
Wednesday - 13:45-15:45 in Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre
Club Address:
25 Gordon Street

Rink Address:
Streatham Ice Rink
390 Streatham High Road
SW16 6HX
Tel: 02077 375 034