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  • Imperial Devils

    Nationals: 19-20 Tier 1   Cup Comp: 21-22 Merit Cup

    2013, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019 London Ice Varsity Champions. 

    Nationals 2018-19 Tier II winners. Checking South Division 2 18-19 winners.

    The Devils A team will be competing in the Southern conference of the tier 1 checking division after securing promotion in the 2018-19 season and is open for experienced ice hockey players who wish to represent the Devils at its highest form of competition. The Imperial Devils As season culminates in the annual London Ice Varsity, which started in 2013, against the UCL Yetis.

    Nationals Titles:
    2015-16 Tier 3
    Division Titles:
    Conference Titles:
  • Imperial Devils B

    Nationals: 19-20 Tier 2   Cup Comp: 21-22 Merit Bowl

    2014-15 Nationals Tier III Runners-Up, 2015-16 Nationals Tier IV Winners!

    The Imperial Devils B provides the opportunity for skaters of all abilities to play in non-checking hockey in the top non checking tier of British University hockey. The Bs consistenly challenge for the Southern title and always punch above their weight in the end of season National Championships.

    Nationals Titles:
    2015-16 Tier 4
    Division Titles:
    Conference Titles:
  • Imperial Devils C

    Nationals: 19-20 Tier 3   Cup Comp: 21-22 Merit Vase

    Nationals 2014-15 Tier V Winners, 2015-16 Tier V Runners-Up, Nationals 2018-19 Tier VI Winners

    New for the 2019-20 season, Imperial Devils C will be playing league fixtures throughout the season.

    The skill level in is for all those who are new to ice hockey or even skating, but through rigorous training the team is a serious contender for Nationals Championship titles.

    Nationals Titles:
    2014-15 Tier 5
    Division Titles:
    Conference Titles:
  Sat 13th Nov Oxford Vikings H: Oxford Vikings
A: Imperial Devils B
Location: Oxford Ice Rink
Face Off: 21:30
Imperial Devils B
  Sun 28th Nov Imperial Devils H: Imperial Devils
A: London Dragons
Location: Streatham Ice Rink
Face Off: 21:15
London Dragons
  Sat 29th Jan Cambridge Huskies H: Cambridge Huskies
A: Imperial Devils C
Location: Cambridge Ice Rink
Face Off: 20:00
Imperial Devils C
  Sat 5th Feb UCL Yetis C H: UCL Yetis C
A: Imperial Devils C
Location: Streatham Ice Rink
Face Off: 21:00
Imperial Devils C
  Sun 6th Feb UCL Yetis H: UCL Yetis
A: Imperial Devils
Location: Streatham Ice Rink
Face Off: 21:01
Imperial Devils

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Club Details

Imperial Devils

Imperial Devils

Twitter: @ImperialDevils
Facebook: imperialdevils
Harry Angell
Fixtures Secretary:
Timur Khalikov
Honza Drmota
Training & Game Dates:
Monday - 23:00-00:30 in Streatham
Club Address:
ICU Ice Hockey Club
Beit Quad
Prince Consort Road

Rink Address:
Streatham Ice & Leisure Centre
390 Streatham High Road
SW16 6HX