• Congratulations to all BUIHA Nationals 2022 Winners!

    Posted on Sun 24th April, 2022

    It's nearly a week on from the final puck drop of #BUIHANationals and we've recovered enough to properly congratulate all our winners over the past three weekends!


    Our final weekend saw the St Andrews Typhoons finally take home the Rawlinson Plate as Checking Nationals Champions, and the Edinburgh Eagles winning the Hopkins Plate in the Vase playoffs.


    This wasn't the first bit of silverware traveling over the border to Scotland though, with the Caledonia Steel Queens emerging victorious to retain the Women's Nationals title in Week 2. The weekend also saw the Sheffield Bears C crowned Champions of the Non-Checking competition, with the Leeds Gryphons B coming out on top in the Vase Playoffs.


    The first weekend saw the Hull Ice Hogs victorious in the Non-Checking 2. Nottingham Maverics D fought their way through the Vase bracket to come out on top. The other competition taking place on weekend 1 was Non-Checking Tier 3. In this we saw the UCL Yetis C emerge victorious, and the Manchester Metros C secure top spot in the first everr #BUIHANationals Vase bracket.

    It was fantastic getting back to IceSheffield and seeing everyone old and new. All the BUIHA clubs have put in tremendous effort this season to get us back up and running. Here's to 2022-23!