• Beagles look to end season on a high and upset Div 2 North hopefuls the Sabres

    Posted on Wed 20th March, 2013

    As the BUIHA season wraps some teams are celebrating winning their conference, most others will be looking forward to nationals and some are perhaps just looking towards next year.  The BUIHA twitter feed will be full of retweets from conference champions and of varsity results, but one team that should not be forgotten is the Edinburgh Beagles.

    The Beagles won Division 3 outright last year and the decision was made to move into the checking division to seek a new challenge.  It was never going to be easy and the team has beat down more than once this season.  However, whilst the Edinburgh club may be celebrating the success of the Eagles in Division 1 North praise and respect should be given in equal, if not in greater measure, to the Edinburgh Beagles.  The Beagles are example of the spirit that all teams should aspire to in BUIHA hockey.  They simply do not quit,  they have spent hundreds of pounds and travelled a grand total 2446 miles this season.  They have done all of this despite that the conference title was pretty much an impossibility around four games into the season.  They have also achieved this whilst watching their squad numbers dwindle away.  Their captain Victor Reinerstam,  power forward Rick Brekelmans and goal tender Chris Gray became permanent fixtures for the Eagles during the regular season; they have also lost players to exams and other pursuits.  Despite this there are a die hard core of Beagles players who have ensured that this team fights despite the odds against them.  Why?  Because each one of them loves this game and this team means the world to them and not one of these die hard players would see their team suffer the indiginity of a forfeit loss.  They would rather go down fighting as no game to them is meaningless.  The Eagles earned applause with their results, but it is the Beagles who should get a standing ovation!

    On Sunday 24th March 2013 the Beagles play their last home game against the Bradford Sabres.  It may seem this game is meaningless to the Beagles, but you make that mistake at your peril.  This game has been flippantly referred to as the BUIHA Megabowl, because regardless of the result it makes no difference to the Beagles position in the conference.  However like in the film 'Semi-Pro' the Beagles will look to win their fourth place.  Given the meaning every game has to the Beagles Sunday will be as intense as it gets with Bradford looking to win the conference.  Jackie Moon's Megabowl may have been fun and games, but this will be all business.  If you are in the area Murrayfield Ice Rink is the place to be.